3M Peltor SportTac Headset Review


3M Peltor Tactical Sport (peltor sporttac) Headset is an active and intelligent hearing protector with NRR rating of 20. The headset has an active-volume function, which is smooth to adjust, as a result of which the user gets a very pleasant sound reproduction with barely any interference. This headset prevents abrupt sound cut-off that people find very disruptive and unpleasant because of its unique digital audio circuit.

This headset is perfect to be used while hunting or at the shooting range. The headband of this headset folds, so it becomes more compact and can be easily stored when not in use. Sporttac headset from 3M Peltor is equipped with advanced electronics with a super fast response to protect the user’s hearing from any loud and sudden noises. Once the user activates the earmuffs, not even the cut-off is heard by the user. Find out why this is the headset for you, when you find yourself in environments with loud impulse noises, like a shooting range.
3m peltor sporttac earmuffs

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A Sturdy & Well-Built SportTac Headset For Active Hearing Protection


These Peltor Sporttac earmuffs come in  a secure blister packaging, which includes gray and orange (optional) cup covers, a set of AAA batteries, while it also comes with carry bag that you can store the headset in to keep it protected.

External Features, Feel & Weight

The headsets feel very lightweight in the hands, while they seem to be very sturdy and well made. The actual headband is very formfitting around the top of the head, so the headset does not slip off. You can easily fit your hat on top of these headsets or vice versa because they fit extremely close to the head. The right ear cup has three buttons located on it, the power button and the up and down volume buttons. The same ear cup also contains the microphone and battery compartment.

MP3 Compatible

This headset also comes with an input audio jack that can be plugged in devices such as cell phones, dog trackers, MP3 players, etc. However, the jack is not a standard single 2.5mm or 3.5mm mini plug so a 2.5mm or 3.5mm cannot be used to connect right into the jack. It is a 2 prong jack that can be used with a special cable, available from 3M Peltor for an additional price. Another downside of the input jack is that separate cables are needed for mono and stereo sound.

Battery Life & Usage

The 3M Peltor Sporttac Headset is perfect for use in any indoor and outdoor setting. Whether it is hunting, loud working environments like construction or skeet shooting, you can certainly protect your hearing with these headsets. It also has advanced ASIC chip technology, which allows it to amplify the ambient sound around you.

When you power the headset on and off, you will get to know if the headset is being powered on or off by a distinct beep that it will make. The battery life of this headset can easily last between 500 and 600 hours. The headset is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and one set is included in its packaging as well. The left ear cup also has a flip up lever that can be easily accesed to replace the batteries.

Auto Shut-Off Function

The 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Headset also has an auto shut-off feature that is triggered if it stays idle for 2 hours, which helps conserve battery life. Nonetheless, removing the batteries after every use is recommended.

The Good

  • Excellent to protect hearing in noisy environments or for shooting.
  • Good sound amplification, with a stereo sound-view of the surrounding environment.
  • Comfortably and snugly fits over the head.
  • Batteries for first use are included, which can last for up to 600 hours of use.
  • Easy to access the power and volume control buttons.
  • Compact and foldable for better carrying or storage.
  • Good, but reasonably priced product.

The Bad

  • Audio jack is a completely non-standard port, so additional cord will have to be purchased.
  • Ear cup size may cause discomfort for some people after long periods of usage.
  • No LED light to indicate whether the headset is on or off.


Peltor SportTac Final Thoughts

Overall, 3M Peltor Sporttac Headset is a very well built headset, that is certainly capable of doing what it has been designed to do, i.e. block off any loud impulse noises. At the same time, this headset also amplifies any surrounding ambient noise. Considering the fact that this headset is built by 3M Peltor, a reputable company in hearing protection, and its reasonable price, you would not be going wrong with this sporttac headset.

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