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3M Peltor MT15H7B 370-SV Tactical Hearing Protection



3m peltor tactical hearing protection
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The 3M Peltor MT15H7B 370-SV offers advanced tactical hearing protection against high sounds and it is suitable for electronics amplified sounds of up to 82 dBA. It is designed to deliver distortion free amplification of low levels that are up to 18 decibels, and it also comes with embedded omni directional stereo microphones that make this item ideal for all-round ambient listening. At the same time, if you want to use this hearing protection for radio connections then you should know that it comes with an audio jack included in the package.

On the other hand, this tactical hearing protection system is designed to be very comfortable and it comes with gel filled ear cushions that allow you to wear it the entire day without experiencing any pain or numbness. Its unique noise suppression system coupled with the immediate response amplification make the Tactical Pro Neckband the primary choice for many people who work in the military, and not only. Besides this, the padded headband and the ergonomic controls also add to its comfort, not to mention that you can easily wear helmets or hats on top of it, without any discomfort whatsoever.


Pro Ears Tac Mag Gold NRR 30

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These are professional ear muffs that are designed to deliver the ultimate comfort combined with advanced noise attenuation and impeccable replication of amplified sounds at the same times. The Pro Ear Tactical hearing protection earmuffs are made in the United States, they weigh little over 13 ounces and they have a noise reduction rating of 30. Moreover, they are accompanied by a generous five year warranty and they are suitable for extreme noise environments – these ear muffs are designed for hardcore use as they aim to deliver maximum hearing protection without making any compromise in terms of comfort.

The Pro Ears Tac Mag Gold NRR 30 can be used across many different areas of application, and they are perfect for shooting instructors no matter if they practice indoors or outdoors. Also, it is suitable for all sorts of firearms and handguns, and they can also be used by flight crews who conduct a thorough plane inspection prior to each flight. However, if you want to enjoy high-fidelity and crystal clear sounds while protecting your hearing from high intensity sounds, then these ear muffs can help you do just that. This is designed for listen-only communications, as they do not have a microphone embedded in them – even so, they are ideal for those who want to enjoy the ultimate purity of sound with tactical hearing protection!


3M Peltor MT15H69FB-09 Headset

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Manufactured by the reputable Peltor company, the 3M Peltor MT15H69FB-09 Military Headset also comes with a double use: this headset for hearing protection is perfect for amplifying the low level sounds but, at the same time, it is also great for suppressing impulse noises as well. It can be used both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions, given the fact that it is resistant to water.

This is a military approved headset that is especially designed for those who activate in the military field and have to protect their hearings against high-intensity noises generated by firearms, and not only. They come in a pleasant green color and they have two input jacks located on the backside of each ear cup. Moreover, one of the most notable features of this Peltor headset is the passive attenuation function, which can easily suppress sounds of up to 20 decibels, thus protecting your hearing. The package does not come with a microphone (neither does it include the two AA batteries required for the headset to function), although it does come with a microphone mounting post and the overall kit weighs no more than 1.1 pounds.


Pro Tekt Mag Gold NRR 33

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The Pro Tekt Mag Gold NRR 33 are made in the United States of America and they are available in a pleasant green color. With a noise reduction rating of no less than 33, this advanced and professional hearing protection system comes with a low battery warning that lets you know when you run out of battery power, therefore you can enjoy continuous operation. Additional features include the automatic shut off when the ear muffs are no longer in use or the up to 8 times amplification of sound.

This tactical hearing protection ear muff headset is made from proform leather, it contains no vinyl whatsoever therefore it is very comfortable and you do not need to worry about sweating. Also, it can be easily used with scanners or with iPods and the ear muffs are ergonomically designed, thus allowing you to use them even in conjunction with glasses or goggles for vision protection. It also has a flexible head band that prevents compression along with coated boards with gold connectors, for increased durability. In addition to this, these ear muffs are known to come with microprocessors embedded in them, for continuous system diagnostics!


3M Peltor SV Swat-Tac II Headset

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Last, but surely not least, this military headset is certainly one of the most versatile and comprehensive electronic headsets on the market. With a noise reduction rating of 20 decibels and an active volume feature that is aimed at amplifying the low level sounds, this 3M Peltor Swat headset is certainly a great investment for those who work in the military. On the other hand, the headset is also designed to suppress the impulse noise and it comes with a two button touch pad that allows you to easily and effortlessly adjust the volume, depending on the circumstances.

The military headset is also water resistant, thus suitable for outdoor use or for extreme weather conditions. Also, it can limit the amplified sounds to a maximum of 82 dBA, while low sounds of up to 18 dBA can be easily amplified without experiencing any bothersome distortion sounds whatsoever. Also, it comes with an audio input jack located on the backside of the left ear cup, the ear cushions are filled with a liquid gel while the headband can be easily folded and it is made of soft leather. The automatic power saving feature allows you to save battery when this electronic headset is not in use, while the stereo microphones provide an omni directional ambient listening.