Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs Review


The Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs are designed by Honeywell. They provide excellent protection for your ears against the high levels of noise produced at the shooting range. These earmuffs have an in-built ability to amplify low-level sounds like range instructions or conversations with minimal distortion. The passive noise protection that comes with this innovative line of earmuffs is guaranteed to consistently safeguard your hearing from the harmful effects of loud sounds.

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The fact that these earmuffs are also relatively inexpensive makes this product suitable for marksmen, hunters, and other gun enthusiasts who are shopping on a strict budget. The Impact Pro shooting earmuffs incorporate advanced acoustic technology that will immensely contribute to more effective communication on the shooting range. The amplification of voices and background sounds works very well even when the unit’s volume is turned all the way up, and the earmuffs will still drastically reduce the sounds produced by various caliber handguns that are fired in very close proximity in any open firing range. When you first switch the earmuffs on, they take a few seconds to fully power up and start working.


Howard Leight R-01902 Features

Each unit weights in at 1.2 pounds.

The unit dimensions are 2.5×2.5×2.5 inches representing the length, width, and height respectively.

The earmuffs can quadruple the amplification of voices and other depressed sounds.

The headphones are capable of attenuating all sounds above 82 decibels, both internal and external.

Howard Leight R-01902 earmuffs are capable of running for up to 350 hours on a pair of AAA batteries that are included with your purchase. This is due to an energy-efficient design.

There’s a knob conveniently located on the earmuffs to enable you to switch them on or off and control the volume level.

The Impact Pro earmuffs have been assigned a Noise Reduction Rating of 30.

Their construction is robust enough to endure heavy use.



  • Impact Pro earmuffs are secured with scratch proof rubberized pressure points to protect your gunstocks.
  • Includes an audio input interface to allow you to plug in your phone, MP3 player or radio.
  • The earmuffs come with a lifetime frame guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • The styling is combative and tactical for added durability.
  • The Impact Pro earmuffs can turn off automatically after 4 hours to conserve the battery life.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • The soft padded headband is flexible enough for adjustable fitting and extra comfort.
  • The earmuffs incorporate Air Flow Control Technology that allows you effectively tune in to normal conversations while delivering hearing protection at high frequencies.
  • Required batteries are cheap and widely available.



  • Impact Pro earmuffs are bulky when compared to other models.
  • Cannot fit securely over a hardhat.
  • The cups are quite large.
  • The stereo control is very limited and the sound on a unit may sometimes be stronger on one end of the earmuffs.
  • The sound quality from the audio input is poor, especially when trying to listen to music while shooting.
  • Lowering the ambient volume on the earmuffs depresses the audio input even more.
  • There is no LED display to indicate the earmuffs are turned on.
  • The earmuffs are not comfortable enough for daily use, as they sometimes pinch your ears.
  • The internal microphone absorbs a lot of background noise on the firing range.
  • The Impact Pro’s volume dial is peculiarly counter-intuitive, with you having to dial it downwards to increase the volume, for example.

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Final Thoughts

Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro earmuffs are an exceptional product for a very reasonable price. With these earmuffs, you will not have to wear ear plugs anymore during target practice. You will also be able to listen to your friends and instructors talk while enjoying optimum noise reduction while shooting. Impact Pro earmuffs use 2 AAA batteries rather than the high tech batteries used by other models, and which can sometimes be harder to find. The batteries are long lasting and can give you roughly 80 hours of service under full operation. These earmuffs shine even higher when used in outdoor shooting ranges.

One of their strongest points is the high 30 noise reduction rating that they have been assigned. Other earmuffs in the same price range will not perform as well when tested at the shooting range or in industrial settings. You will never regret purchasing the R-01902 Impact Pro earmuffs because they are very affordable at a price that is just right for your pocket. The Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro electronic shooting earmuffs can be ordered at various online retailers and are also sold in some shooting ranges at a higher price.

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