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No matter if you are a hobby shooter, or a professional whose job, and life depends on how well you can control your weapon, there is one thing that both will definitely crave: hearing protection. Most protective headgear just muffles the sounds around you, nothing is blocked enough for complete protection. And don’t even think of trying to communicate out in the field with the usual devices, it simply won’t happen. Thankfully, all of that has been changed now that the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X has hit the market.

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A Look At The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X

The Features

The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X has taken the concept of quality hearing protection and bumped it up so many notches that it is unrecognizable when compared to devices in the past. Powered by AAA batteries, its automatic filters completely shut out all high decibel sounds, like gunfire and sirens. What is left is everything on the lower end of the decibel scale, like forest noises and human speech. Two filtered directional microphones mounted on the exterior, above the cushioned ear cups provides clear, natural sounds through a top-of-the-line stereo system. Auxiliary jacks allow you to plug in other electronic devices, like communication radios and trackers.

The Advantages:

  • Comfortable: the lightweight band, combined with well crafted, padded ear cuffs make for a tight, but comfortable fit. Waterproof, it can be worn inside or outside without any danger to the shielded microphones on the exterior of the ear cuffs.
  • High decibel filters: the automatic filters detect, lock on and eliminate high decibel generating sounds, like gunfire, sirens and alarms, and keeps them from being heard. The human voice, footsteps, and environmental sounds can still be heard, because their decibel level is quite low, and will pass through the headphones in clear, natural tones.
  • Safety: because the filters automatically block out harmful, high decibel sounds, the wearer’s hearing is protected without sacrificing the ability to hear other sounds for safety’s sake. Natural sounds, traffic noises and human speech will all come through with complete clarity. When dealing with firearms, this can be crucial to avoid potentially dangerous accidents.
  • Lightweight: the entire MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X headset weighs next to nothing, even with the AAA batteries, less than 12 ounces total. No more neck strain or soreness on the ears from prolonged use.
  • Auxiliary equipment jacks: built into the headset are auxiliary jacks that will allow devices to be plugged in for use while out in the field. This makes using communication devices and trackers easier to use, and be heard, without having to tote around a separate power supply. Anything run through the jacks draws power from the headset itself.
  • Long battery life: by employing two AAA batteries instead of the usual one, the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X has a longer lifespan in the field, with more than 200 hours of use available.

A Few Disadvantages:

  • No stereo sound available through jacks: any devices plugged into the auxiliary jacks can only be heard in mono, no stereo sound available for these. Tones from these devices that stray into the mid-to-high decibel range may be blocked because of it.
  • Hard to hold simultaneous conversations: plugging in a radio can make it difficult to pick up environmental sounds, including conversations. You may need to keep the volume of the radio on low or an individual ear at a higher volume in order to catch external sounds.

Ways That You Can Test the Limits of Your MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X Unit

Because any sensitive electronics can be damaged during shipment, it is recommended that you field test the headset before using for active shooting. Our favorite two possible methods are:

At the firing range: to test MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X out at a firing range, make sure the batteries are properly inserted and adjust the ear cuffs for comfort and fit. Walk into the active firing range, and attempt to hold a conversation. It is working perfectly if you can clearly hear what your friend is saying without having to strain or speak loudly.

At a sporting event: for testing at a sporting event, choose one that is normally extremely loud, like NASCAR. With the ear cuffs adjusted for comfort, attempt to hold a conversation with the person next to you. Because the race sounds should be automatically filtered out, speaking and hearing clearly should happen without too much trouble.

If none of the above tests are successful, then your MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X headset is not working properly. Contact the manufacturer for an immediate return.

The Great Options

The standard headset is available with a plain impact resistant black resin band, black leather band, or camouflage band. Headbands can be folded up, for storage, carried in a pouch or backpack. Ear cuffs are removable, waterproof, and machine washable.



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