3M Peltor Tactical Pro Hearing Protector Review


This earmuffs are primarily meant to provide effective protection against loud sounds that can cause damage to the ears. It also amplifies sound so that you do not have to remove them to hear other sounds properly. What’s more, this device can be used for various other purposes. It can also be used when you are in doors and it will equally protect your hearing.

The product is warranted, so you should not have any insecurity concerns whatsoever. In case of any default, you can report it to the supplier who sold it to you. If your case is genuine, then you are supplied with another one absolutely free of charge. The user’s manual will be of great assistance to you if you are not well acquainted with how it works. This is the ultimate solution for all your shooting protection needs. It also comes with additional qualities that make this Peltor Tactical Pro Earmuffs very unique.

3M Peltor Tactical Pro Hearing Protector

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Peltor Tactical PRO Features:


  • Comfotable

Earmuffs consists of a cushion that rests on the ears comfortably. The cushion is made out of a gel that has a folding steel band. This eliminates any kind of discomfort that might deter you from concentrating on whatever you are doing. The cushion is light and soft and leaves you feeling good and even more motivated to work.

  • Radio Connection

Peltor SV Tactical Pro has an audio jack that enables you to connect it to radio. Imagine listening to your favorite program over the radio while you are doing your shooting. Technology is spreading its far reaching impacts everywhere and this hearing protector is not left out on the advancements. It has a digital multi media player. Listen to your all time best jams while you are engrossed in other activities at the same time. Wow! This is incredible. For sure you will not want to miss out on this great benefit.

  • High noise reduction rating

This is one of the greatest things that you get to enjoy for using this awesome product. It reduces the noise to the extent that it will not have any negative impact on your hearing. This is so different as compared to other types of earmuffs whose capacity to minimize the noise cannot be as efficient as of 3M Peltor Tactical Pro Hearing Protector. You will easily spot out the difference if you have used other varieties of ear muffs.

  • Build in microphone

Amplification of sound can’t get any better. The whole process is speedy and almost instant. The quality of the sound is a standard one and you will think that you are communicating directly without using any media. It is a great aid rather than a hindrance to communication. You can also adjust the volume to the level that you want.

  • Efficient portability

You can move with this device to whatever destination that you intend to reach. It is light to carry and you will not feel exhausted even a bit. Differentiating between the times that you put on the hearing protection and when you are through with them. That is how light they are! When not in use, the device can be easily folded and kept away safely.


The Good

– The protector is very easy to use. If you think that your first encounter with it will cause trouble for you, then just relax. You can rest assured of no complications.

– It is a multipurpose gadget. Apart from the original intended purpose of hearing protection, it also does other great stuff. It can be put to professional use like in studios. Also, when you have them, you do not have to look for separate head phones. You can use this with mp3, mp4 and walkman devices.

– The efficiency of this product is a guarantee. It is able to filter the sounds to the maximum level. Those that are extremely high are expertly suppressed and the low ones are amplified. This ensures that only what is essential to your ears is what reaches you with an additional touch of quality. You also gain access to those meant for young children.

– Affordable to everyone. You might be thinking that the cost of this great item is extremely high. Well, you can have a big NO for that. The price is customer friendly and you can be sure to have in possession whenever you decide to do so.

The bad

– However, this gadget has only one weakness. The cushions are meant to protect the ears are somehow delicate and can get off. Extra keenness will help you overcome this all the same.

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Final Words

If you are thinking of getting a hearing protector, then get the best in quality and performance. A combination of the above with trendiness gives you 3M Peltor Tactical Pro Hearing Protector.

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