Passive Ear Muffs

Howard Leight R-03318
Earmuffs are commonly used for protecting the ears from various situations. It is very common for shooters to use these earmuffs to provide protection to the ears when shooting and avoid unwanted sounds and noises. This article is a review of the popular Howard Leight R-03318 Leightning L3 earmuff that […]

Howard Leight R-03318 Leightning L3 Shooter’s Premium Earmuff Review

ear protection for kids
When a child is born, his or her auditory senses are in prime condition. In many studies and researches, it has been demonstrated that children and babies have accurate hearing. They’re able to capture every sound a human ear can possibly identify. However, as a child grows older, the noises […]

Best Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Kids

baby ear protection
Best Baby Ear Protection to Prevent Hearing Loss As parents, it is very common to be mindful of your child’s welfare. One of the many things that you can do for your baby is to ensure that their hearing is not compromised during his lifetime, beginning from their infancy. There […]

Baby Ear Protection – Top 5 Baby Ear Muffs

Peltor Ultimate 10 kids earmuffs
Are you looking to upgrade your hearing protection on the gun range? Not a bad idea, since the other option is buying hearing aids when your hearing goes bad, and hearing aids are not cheap. And since you are looking, the 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector may be a […]

3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector Review

junior kids earmuffs
Hearing protection is essential for removing harmful noise, as it is known that prolonged exposure to high-intensity noise can lead to the irreversible damage of your ears. The 3M Peltor Junior Earmuffs are especially designed to remove noise, while providing extra comfort and being stylish at the same time. Like […]

3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Review

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In keeping with their dedication to innovation and ongoing research, Sperian has come up with the RWS-53006 Lightning L1 Slimline Low Profile Earmuffs with a design and proven performance that promises an extensive range of practical safety solutions that always work even in the noisiest or most challenging situations. With […]

Sperian RWS-53006 Lightning L1 Slimline Low Profile Earmuff Review

Pro Ears Ultra 33
When it comes to protecting your hearing, it’s imperative that you look at solutions that will do the job, and have been proven effective in deafening the sound waves that can be tough to isolate. With that in mind, the Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection option is one […]

Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection Review

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One of the easiest things to neglect is hearing, especially when you’re on the job, shooting, or doing just about any activity where prolonged loud noises are common. To avoid having to deal with any loss or damage to hearing, it’s imperative to get a good pair of ear muffs. […]

3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff Review