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Best Baby Ear Protection to Prevent Hearing Loss

As parents, it is very common to be mindful of your child’s welfare. One of the many things that you can do for your baby is to ensure that their hearing is not compromised during his lifetime, beginning from their infancy. There are a number of reasons for hearing loss. Aside from aging, the leading cause of hearing problems is the continued exposure to very high sound levels.

Babies and children are particularly exposed to many different noises that can potentially damage their hearing at the very young age. This type of hearing loss, however, can be prevented if you apply the proper prevention techniques.

Hearing Loss Concerns

Experts agree that continued exposure to noise level beyond 85 decibels for a period of 8 hours will significantly contribute to hearing loss. As a point of reference, normal conversation is at 60 decibels, while a whisper is at 30 decibels. Noise from freeway traffic generally registers at around 70 decibels, while the noise from an ordinary vacuum cleaner is somewhere between 60 to 85 decibels.

The risk of hearing loss increases as the noise level increases. To make matters worse, even a 90-second exposure to noise at 110 decibels, can create significant damage. Furthermore, an almost immediate damage will be experienced when the noise level reaches 140 decibels. Noises at this level include noise from most firecrackers and firearms, as well as the sound of an airplane taking off the runway.

If you are considering the noise levels we experience during the most common activities of the day, it becomes more glaring that we are most likely exposed to noise levels that are potentially damaging. No wonder, hearing loss is becoming more prevalent these days.

Preventing Hearing Loss with Baby Ear Protection

The most effective ways of preventing hearing loss is to stay away from the damaging noises and to prevent the noise from reaching your eardrum. This can be achieved when you have an available soundproof room, but it’s a feat that is almost impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, it can be accomplished by using infant hearing protection such as ear muffs.

When it comes to protecting your child’s hearing, you can count on some specially-designed hearing protection for children that can effectively attenuate the harmful noises, without necessarily shutting out other desirable ambient sounds. Ear muffs are generally the best option as they are comfortable, easy to track and they come in very colorful and cold design.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 baby ear protection that you may want to consider.


Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs

This is a fully-adjustable baby ear protection specifically designed for newborn babies and infant up to 18 months old. Possibly the world’s smallest ear muffs for babies, it is best for parents who want to protect their infants and newborn from extremely loud noises. It is a certified ear protection for babies by the American National Standards Institute; you can pretty much rely on its quality and efficiency.

Em's 4 Bubs baby ear protection

Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs
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Pros: Outstanding toddler ear protection for infants that effectively keeps loud noises away from the infant’s developing eardrum. It is soft and not too clunky and they look nice in different color options.

Cons: The headband set-up, though adjustable, tend to slip pretty easily, especially if the baby is quite wiggly. Furthermore, as it is designed for newborn and infants, your baby can outgrow them easily, so they need to be replaced within a few months. For older children check 5 best ear muffs for kids.


Baby Banz Hearing Protector Ear Muffs

Baby Banz hearing protector ear muffs are quite handy and easy to wear and they come with wide cushions filled with foam to ensure your child’s comfort. These are the perfect earmuffs when you head out to a sporting event, airplane trips, concerts or when you are mowing your lawn. These ear muffs gained certification both from the American National Standards Institute and the European Standard.

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Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs
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Pros: The overall built and materials used are quite sturdy and can withstand damage from frequent use. It helps calm children 3 months and older.

Cons: Although they are quite snug, this baby ear protection can become a little too heavy for babies, especially when they are holding up their head. Moreover, the earmuffs can slip from the head and becomes too far forward and may squeeze your baby’s face.


Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff

These baby ear muffs for noise are made of plastic, so they are hand washable. Perfect for most sporting events or drag racing as well as during car racing and air shows. They are also great when doing a range of household activities such as drilling, vacuuming and lawn mowing. Suitable for babies age 0-2 years, this ear muff boast category 4 rating. They are also quite funky and come in great-looking color.

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Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff
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Pros: Relatively well-constructed, inexpensive and gives a decent level of protection. It is well-padded to give the highest level of comfort to your baby and has a wide-range of adjustability levels.

Cons: Although it works, it is quite bulky to carry and pack. An added carrying case and an improvement in the overall design would be a welcome development.


Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs

This ear muff is designed for kids and toddlers 6 months old and above. It is relatively compact and claims to be the world’s first foldable hearing protection. They are also small enough to fit the palm of your hands, so they can easily be carried or stored away.

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Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs
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Pros: Overall, quite functional, sturdy and well-made. They are also easy to put on and come in attractive colors.

Cons: Although they seem to work well, the padded part is a bit smaller, so they come off easily and fall down towards the child’s neck.


Baby BanZ Noise Protection Ear Muffs

This ear protection for babies is best carried to outdoor activities such as drag races, sporting events and airshows. Designed for children 6 months and older, this noise protection ear muffs effectively protect your child’s ears from harmful noise.

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Baby BanZ Noise Protection Ear Muffs
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Pros: It weighs only 190 grams, so it’s relatively sleek and lightweight. It also features very soft cushion cups for added comfort when worn.

Cons: It has the propensity to become too tight over time. However, it can easily be remedied by stretching them over two chairs laid back to back.


Only the Best for Your Baby

When choosing baby ear protection for your baby, you need to consider their capabilities, the quality of materials and the overall comfort. Normally, a deeper and heavier outer shell absorbs noise better as they contain more noise absorbing materials. Infant ear muffs with fluid-filled outer rims have greater noise reduction capability as they are secured to head better.