Howard Leight R-01523 Leightning L0F Ultra Lightweight Compact Folding Earmuff Review


Howard Leight R-01523 earmuffs with NRR of 23 are ideal for shooters, either sports or security personnel who are exposed to gun fire noise during practice. Shooting any kind of firearm exposes one to noise-induced hearing loss thus the importance of wearing earmuffs for proper protection. Earmuffs will work in both indoor and outdoor shooting activities. The R-01523 earmuffs are designed in an ultra slim shape and holds lightweight ear cups that are ideal for low noise levels. The earmuffs can also fold to less than 4″ wide making them easy to pack.

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Pros of Howard Leight R-01523 Earmuffs

The R-01523 has many advantages explaining its wide appeal as a leading shooting earmuff brand. Here are the main advantages of the Howard Leight R-01523 as described by the manufacturer and most importantly, the users:

  • The resilient steel headband withstands tough environments
  • Replacement of ear cushions is made easy with the snap-in cushions
  • The headband is also padded to provide comfort and minimal pressure on the head
  • The telescopic adjustment of height stays fixed during use
  • The Howard Leight R-01523 is lightweight and very comfortable to the ears for a long shooting occasion
  • These earmuffs are so reliable in sound suppression that the blast of a shotgun or rifle is muffled leaving a sound that is barely audible.
  • The fold-up capability in the muffs is an added advantage that allows fitting in small locations such as the pockets of a coat for easy accessibility when shooting
  • The price of Howard Leight R-01523 is much lower than other shooting earmuffs in the market


Cons of the Howard Leight R-01523

The only disadvantage of these shooting earmuffs is a common con of all other earmuffs and that is shooters will bump into the stock of a firearm when aiming from the shoulder but this can still be minimized if the shooter knows beforehand that the clunk is coming. Also the NRR of these earmuffs is kinda low.

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Built with a steel wire around, the Howard Leight R-01523 earmuffs provide a high level of durability while maintaining comfort for many hours. To eliminate pressure on the head while shooting, these ear muffs have been designed with a padded foam headband and soft ear cushions.

The Howard Leight R-01523 Leightning L0F Ultra Lightweight Compact Folding Earmuff proves to be one of the best earmuffs for shooting in the market and the advantages clearly explain this fact.

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