Howard Leight R-03318 Leightning L3 Shooter’s Premium Earmuff Review


Earmuffs are commonly used for protecting the ears from various situations. It is very common for shooters to use these earmuffs to provide protection to the ears when shooting and avoid unwanted sounds and noises. This article is a review of the popular Howard Leight R-03318 Leightning L3 earmuff that is specially made for shooters. Let us start off by having a look at the features of this product.

Howard Leight R-03318Howard Leight R-03318 are designed for shooting activity.
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R-03318 Leightning Features

The Howard Leight R-03318 earmuff comes with many features and a few of them are mentioned over the next few lines. It is one of the few earmuffs that have a high attenuation rating of NRR 30. It also comes with an adjustable headband which makes it easy to fit in all types of heads. It is extremely light and therefore does not place any extra strain on the ears and head. Since shooters would be using these earmuffs for long period of time the lightness certainly helps. The cushions are also super soft making it very comfortable on the ears of the users. It certainly is a high quality earmuff that combines style with performance. It is very ergonomically designed combining looks with appearance.


Howard Leight R-03318 Specifications

The R-03318 dimensions are 10.2 x 8.7 x 4.5 inches. It is very light weight and weighs only around 13 ounces. It plays a big role in actively reducing noise levels and is available in black color. As is the case with other products that are available from the house of Howard Leight, this earmuff also comes with a one year limited warranty. It has attenuation at various frequencies as given in the next few lines, i.e. 34 and 125, 38 at 1000 and 45 at 8000. The plastic padded headbands come enables easy adjustment with easy increments and decrements.

The product certainly comes with a lot of special features and benefits. It would be worthwhile to have a look at the same:

· Howard Leight R-03318 earmuffs are very ergonomically designed and certainly offer comfort coupled with great looks.

· The sound muffling is incredible and it certainly helps to keep at bay loud noises and therefore is best suited for those who have to spend hours at length in their shooting assignments.

· Comes with a reasonably good NRR rating.

· The headbands are adjustable and are very comfortable.

· The extra padding makes it very comfortable for the ears.

· It is very light weight and therefore can remain fixed for long period of time.

· It helps to converse with others but at the same time filters out unwanted noises.

· It offers excellent value for money and works out cheaper than most other brands available in the market.

Though in terms of comfort and light weight the product is incomparable, there are some grey areas as follows:

· Though it is light when used on the head it looks and feels quite bulky. This could be because of the extra padding but at times it becomes quite uncomfortable, especially when worn for long period of time.

· When used with rifle, many customers have found it to be very uncomfortable. The earmuffs often become an impediment and interfere with the rifle placement.

· At times there is the need to push the earmuffs a bit back to accommodate the placement of the rifle. This in many situations negates the sound blocking effect considerably. It perhaps suits better for those using handguns instead of rifles.

· Though it is presumably designed for long term use, there is an element of discomfort mostly because of the bulky nature of the earmuff.

· Many customers have also complained about the hardness of the ear pads making the earmuffs painful when used for a long period of time.


The Final Rating

Given the fact that the product has a number of useful benefits to offer, it will certainly go down well with most of the customers. However, for hardcore professional shooters, the earmuff has quite a few loose ends to be tied up. It certainly calls for a complete relook especially for those who are using it while shooting with rifles. Nonetheless, given the fact that it is extremely cost effective and comes with a one-year warranty, it is a product worth having especially when you are training rather than competing. Go for it without thinking twice.

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