Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection Review


When it comes to protecting your hearing, it’s imperative that you look at solutions that will do the job, and have been proven effective in deafening the sound waves that can be tough to isolate. With that in mind, the Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection option is one to look at in the affordable range of products to protect against hearing loss when dealing with a variety of loud noises. These earmuffs have high noise reduction rating of 33.

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Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Protection

At first glance, these look a bit bulky, but upon further examination you’ll notice that they are only 12 ounces in size. They are padded, and have large leather ear seals so that you will not feel them on. Aside from the construction, you will definitely note that they have a high noise reduction component. There is a passive hearing protector found here that will allow you to dampen even the highest pitched noises you may have to encounter. Long term wearers will enjoy the passive nature and will definitely be able to concentrate on whatever they are doing.


Good Quality for Affordable Price

The full cup design allows for a good fit for any ear, and the lightweight design is definitely a solid choice for ear muffs. Upon further review of the Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection ear muffs, you’ll notice the price tag isn’t too high, and the reviews are quite good. Most people denoted the same things mentioned above, in the light weight construction, and comfort levels from prolonged use. Whether you’re shooting or dealing with construction noise, you will definitely feel good about the investment found here. Some did state that when shooting rifles, they are a big bulky, but aside from that issue, the reviews are overall favorable.

As with any product, you should always look into the warranty information, and this set comes with a full one year warranty. That gives you a good peace of mind, considering the price is relatively low. Some other options don’t come with that warranty at all, so it’s nice to see that is taken into consideration with this pair.


Comfortable to Use

Whether you need an adjustable set or you’re looking at prolonged ear protection, the Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection definitely have adequate muffling capabilities, and can provide a low cost solution for those that are dealing with loud noises on a continual basis. The comfort levels are also increased thanks to the wide range of adjustments that are prebuilt into the frame. That means, that no matter what size you need them to be, you can ensure that they fit properly on your head.
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Great Passive Protection

For those that are concerned about whether or not they truly muffle the sound, all it takes is a quick review of what consumers are saying about this pair and that’s it. They are quite good, and most found them favorable in regards to muffling loud noises and sounds. The small detraction is only minor and isolated, which makes this a good choice for anyone that is trying to protect their ears from the rigors of heavy sound waves.

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