Sperian RWS-53006 Lightning L1 Slimline Low Profile Earmuff Review


In keeping with their dedication to innovation and ongoing research, Sperian has come up with the RWS-53006 Lightning L1 Slimline Low Profile Earmuffs with a design and proven performance that promises an extensive range of practical safety solutions that always work even in the noisiest or most challenging situations. With comprehensive knowledge of their customer’s needs, these high quality earmuffs have been engineered and tested to meet the real-life requirements of specific jobs and surroundings, by efficiently combining cutting-edge technology, user fit, and comfort.

Sperian RWS-53006Sperian RWS-53006

Sperian’s expertise in these three areas definitely shines through with their RWS-53006 Lightning low profile earmuffs. While the earmuffs still allow you to hear sounds, it sufficiently dampens their intensity to the point where they will hardly be able to distract you. This is definitely a huge factor for people that have difficulties focusing or concentrating.

These earmuffs function equally well when using equipment like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, weed-eatters, and hedge trimmers. They will completely muffle out the extremely loud noises generated by most of your outdoor machinery, leaving everything in a peaceful, Zen-like state. The fit adjusts nicely to your contours and will not hurt your head or ears.

If you have enjoyed use of a lot of earmuffs previously, Sperian’s RWS-53006 model is guaranteed to standout and never disappoint. These earmuffs will thus suffice for most situations, unless you happen to have the misfortune of working with a cement breaker every day.

Sperian RWS-53006 Features

• The contemporary ear-cups are extra-slim and won’t attract too much attention
• Incorporates patented air flow automation optimizes attenuation through all frequencies
• The headband includes a telescoping mechanism for height adjustment
• Headband’s wire is made from durable stainless steel
• Earmuffs consist of ultra-soft ear cushioning and a padded foam headband
• Approximate weight of 6.4 ounces
• Product dimensions are 4.5 x 10.5 x 8.8 inches representing full length, width, and height
• The product color is blue
• Active Noise Reduction rating of NNR 25. This the products primary usage


The Good

  • Very comfortable overall and definitely much more comfortable than wearing earplugs
  • Versatility in usage options. These can be taken to the shooting range, office, home, or used to block out noise while studying
  • Fits over your ears and glasses without any problems
  • Reduces even the loudest gun-blasts to a mere “pop”
  • They are so lightweight, you’ll hardly notice you’re even wearing them
  • Works great with musicians as well when they performing via very loud amplifiers.
  • Excellent value for your money
  • Slim design makes the earmuffs appear like ordinary headphones from afar so you can take them to public places like the library without looking weird


The Bad

  • Earmuffs do not have enough room when it comes to headband length adjustment and those with large heads have to snugly pull on them to get the cups down far enough to fully cover both their ears
  • The product’s representative picture is outdated and some customers have had these earmuffs shipped to them in packages branded as “Howard Leigh earmuffs, by Sperion”
  • Regular tendency to clamp tightly to the extent that some resort to clamping the earmuffs onto something either overnight, or for a few days to curtail the pressure

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Final Thoughts

The Sperian RWS-53006 Lightning L1 Slimline Low Profile Earmuffs are a godsend for individuals with an exceptional sensitivity to noise and are easily distracted who had lost hope that this would ever change because they will allow you to finally peacefully focus on your work without constant interruptions.

These earmuffs allow enough sound through so you will hear your phone, while allowing other chatter, loud music, and unwanted noises to fade effortlessly into the background. They are extremely comfortable and easily adjustable. Taking them off can be quickly accomplished in a second, to allow you to attend to other things and the earmuffs are sold at a great price for such a product.

They will go a long way in blocking out attention-drawing conversations that pervade your work cubicle. They work especially well in the dual purpose of being a highly effective noise blocker and a perfect visual indicator to hanger-on that you are currently in no mood for chit chat and other similar distractions.

The earmuffs soft vinyl material will remain firm and intact even with prolonged use. The impressive build quality make these earmuffs feel like they’ll probably easily last for a very long time, which is exactly what you’ll be getting. They are widely available from leading online retailers.

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